Arranging the funeral - continued

The procedure when you go to the Registrar is very straight forward and the following questions will be asked:

If the deceased is:

The registrar will then issue the following:


1. A GREEN CERTIFICATE which is required by the FUNERAL DIRECTOR for either cremation or burial.
2. A WHITE CERTIFICATE OF DEATH which is required should you wish to claim any NI Benefits.
3. Additional copies of the certified entry of death (otherwise known as the Death Certificate) may be obtained from the Registrar upon payment of the appropriate fee, should you require them for legal purposes. The REGISTRAR will advise you on this.

Should the death be notified to the CORONER and, following a post mortem it is necessary for an inquest to be opened and adjourned, then the REGISTRATION procedure is slightly different and will be explained at the time.

Is there a Will?

If it is known that a will was made, it is important that the contents should be ascertained as soon as possible after death, as it may contain directions as to the funeral arrangements, etc. This will may be among personal papers at home or with a bank or solicitor for safe custody. Before the estate left by a deceased person can be realised and distributed among the persons entitled to share it, a GRANT of PROBATE or LETTERS of ADMINISTRATION are usually required.

Perhaps the simplest procedure is to instruct a Solicitor or bank to act for you. If you decide to use a Solicitor or bank to act for you, this will not necessarily involve you in heavy expense and will almost certainly relieve you of many worries. If you decide to use a Solicitor or Bank Manager to obtain the appropriate grant they will need to see a copy of the death certificate.

They will also require such items as;

They will also need to have details of any debts that may be owing. You need not worry about paying these immediately. They can be dealt with in time.

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